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8 Must-Have Ecommerce Websites Features

There are specific features that can help make your ecommerce site more user-friendly and responsive to your customers! Here are the most important ecommerce websites features!

Let’s face it – all websites are unique and special in their own way. We have seen so many popular trends in the online world such as 360-degree product previews, animation, advanced filtering, SEO optimization, dynamic product search, and etc. As a website owner and an online entrepreneur, you should know that these trends don’t really guarantee robust user experience or conversion rates. There are specific features that every ecommerce platforms should have, in order to stay competitive and relevant.

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In this article, we are going to present you the most important ecommerce features:

1- Ease of Use – When it comes to web design, you need to remember one thing and that is that simplicity should be the ultimate goal and you never have to sacrifice elegance to accomplish that. The studies have shown that more than 70% of the online consumers say one of the most important features of a certain website is ease of use. You need to help your potential buyers get what they want as faster as possible. Online sellers have only minutes to make a sale, so make sure to focus on the user experience by offering filters, shopping categories, and comparison capabilities.

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2. High-resolution Photos & Videos – Online shoppers want to see actual people using the products you are selling. They also want to zoom in and get a real feel of the product. The quality of the photos is really important. Photos that don’t load or take too long to load will drive the customer away.

3. Mobile-friendly website – Today, all websites are required to have a mobile-friendly site or they will suffer the SEO consequences. According to a research, one in three online purchases is done on a mobile phone.

4. Special offers – Most online stores and ecommerce websites are using special offers in their marketing strategies via social media platforms, email, text, and etc. When online shoppers realize they are getting a really nice deal, it encourages them to purchase more and spend more time with your business or searching the site.

5. Wish Lists – Ecommerce websites that aren’t using wish lists are just leaving profit on the desktop table. Think about it for a second – what is better than having potential buyers bookmark products they want and will most likely purchase in the future? This is the foundation of a marketing campaign and a chance for you to attract new customers.

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6. Related Products – A related products feature on an e-commerce site created a remarkable stickiness effect that so many entrepreneurs and website owners strive to accomplish. Seeing the phrase “you might like this product” will cause excitement and curiosity among your visitors and potential customers.

7. FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions – Additional information and details about your business and service, established credibility and successfully builds confidence with the potential buyer. If you want to attract more and more new buyers and establish a stable relationship with them, providing more information and section details is a must.

If you want to provide an incredible shopping experience to your customers, we highly recommend you to consider these important ecommerce websites features.



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